There’s a New Blog in Town

Stan at desk 1I am about to begin my thirty-fifth year teaching workers’ compensation as an adjunct professor at the USC School of Law. Last month, I received an email from Mike Duff who teaches workers’ compensation at the University of Wyoming asking if I would like to join him and a core group of workers’ compensation professors from around the country in producing a blog. What a great idea! I immediately volunteered.

We have a core of ten professors, many of them adjuncts like me, who will be contributing on timely topics such as opt-out, Medicare Set-Asides, and changes to benefits. We intend to produce fresh materials weekly, and the site is already filling up with interesting articles.

The address for the new blog is and we are calling it “Workers’ Compensation Law Prof Blog.” Presently, each author selects his own topic, but if you have something you want explored, email me at and I’ll share it with the other professors to see who might want to tackle the subject from an academic perspective.

And I’ll still be contributing to our firm blog as needed. But take a look at this new blog site.

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