Governmental Affairs & Issue Advocacy

Collins & Lacy, P.C. recognizes that the laws applying to public officials, political campaigns, and others working with or dealing with governmental agencies are complex. The firm established this practice to provide proactive legal guidance in avoiding compliance issues and to assist those in need of guidance when dealing with government.

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Calling on the strength of the firm’s
experience in governmental and external
relationships throughout South Carolina,
C&L attorneys are equipped to advise:

  • Private citizens
  • Businesses
  • Public officials
  • Candidates
  • Lobbyists
  • Consultants
  • Political action committees
  • Trade associations
  • Governmental boards and agencies.

Our Governmental Affairs & Issue Advocacy team knows what it takes to successfully navigate the governmental, legislative and regulatory landscape by collaborating with national, regional, and local clients. We offer a thorough and practical knowledge of public policy and years of hands-on experience with the concerns and pressures that impact governmental decision-makers. We help our clients achieve results by crafting and implementing successful strategies for dealing with government at every level.

Governmental Affairs & Issue Advocacy

Governmental Affairs & Issue Advocacy

To see how we can help with your legal needs,
contact practice group chair Henry McMaster, Jr. at (803) 256-2660