Diversity & Inclusion

At Collins & Lacy, we value integrity, quality, and accountability. One of our core values is that: “We are united as we collaborate with one another to foster the success of our clients, each other, and our firm.”

We believe that this collaboration is strengthened as the members of our firm are more diverse. We bring the highest quality service and solutions to our clients with a team made up of different backgrounds and a variety of life experiences.

Why Diversity & Inclusion?

In the Workforce


A diverse workforce reflects our society and gives us a broader range of potential candidates.


Diversity of thought drives innovation.


Diverse perspectives, skills, and talent lead to better business results and solutions to business challenges.

In Law Firms


Diversity creates opportunities for growth in legal practices.


Diversity gives law firms the ability to create more innovative solutions and services that meet clients’ needs.


Diversity allows law firms to attract employees and interns from a broader pool of talent.

In Business Activities

Competitive Pricing:

Vendor diversity creates competition among third party service providers.


A diverse group of service providers bring new and innovative business solutions.

Goals for diversity

Diversify the firm’s workforce through active engagement of leadership.

Include and engage everyone in the workplace.

Optimize inclusive diversity efforts using data-driven approaches.