Retail & Hospitality

The Collins & Lacy Retail & Hospitality attorneys provide advocacy and a knowledgeable, aggressive defense that can help deter the threat of potentially frivolous claims.

Retail & Hospitality attorneys

Our team is experienced in all facets of litigation relating to this practice area, including: premises liability, third person tort/assault, alcohol liability/Dram Shop, adulterated food claims, asset protection, and regulatory agency sanctions. We represent leading national and regional companies in the retail, hotel, food service, bar and private club, and entertainment industries focusing on the protection of their brands and assets.

Practice Group Chair Christian Stegmaier is the founder and contributing author of the South Carolina Retail & Hospitality Law Blog, covering the latest trends in the law and marketplace that affect you and your business here in the Palmetto State.

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Retail Hospitality

Hotels & Resorts

Our Hospitality and retail attorneys are skilled at defending hotels and resorts in a variety of litigation matters. We leverage our experience in related law involving premises claims, employment matters, class action litigation, and commercial litigation to carefully address the legal issues that threaten the hotels and resorts doing business in South Carolina.

Restaurants & Clubs

Restaurants and clubs rely on their reputations to attract patrons. Lawsuits involving alcohol liability/Dram Shop, food adulteration claims, premises matters and tortious conduct by a third party can be damaging to that reputation and may lead to an unfavorable perception in the community if the case is not properly managed. Collins & Lacy has represented numerous restaurants and clubs, and we work quickly and decisively to protect the reputations and assets of our clients while maintaining the goodwill of their patrons.


Retailers face exposure with personal injury and tort litigation from patrons alleging injury in stores. Retailers also deal with an ever-changing regulatory environment, including the need to comply with numerous state and local employment regulations. These types of situations arise every day and require legal counsel to guide retailers through these potentially serious issues that can disrupt or even end their business venture.

Entertainment Venues, Promoters & Presenters

Whether it be a theme park or music venue, Collins & Lacy has an established track record representing some of the biggest and most well known operators. From litigation to contract drafting and review, our lawyers are skilled in helping clients in these segments focus on doing what they do best: Keeping the fun going.