Spotlight: Business Defense Firm Goes Local

Collins & Lacy, P.C. launches new website created by South Carolina companies.

Dedicated to nourishing business partnerships statewide, Collins & Lacy, P.C. has launched a new website created by South Carolina companies.  The law firm’s redesigned site showcases the talents of local enterprises while highlighting Collins & Lacy’s commitment to being a client-focused business defense firm.

“Our attorneys are privileged to work alongside Palmetto State business owners and their employees every day.  It just made sense for us to use home-grown companies to help showcase our firm to a potentially global audience,” said Managing Partner Mike Pitts.  

The new website was created by Northbound Design™, a full-service interactive creative agency that focuses on digital design and development. It features original photography throughout the site custom shot by Paula Williamson Photography.

“South Carolina is full of gifted people and businesses. We are honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with these two and create a product that highlights our firm, our people, and our legal abilities,” said Pitts.

One of the unique features of the new website is its introduction of video biographies. The videos are a new media tool that allows visitors to get to know each attorney personally while highlighting his or her legal capabilities.

“We invite you to watch some of these innovative biographies,” said Collins & Lacy co-founder Joel Collins.  “We think you will see our team as knowledgeable, professional, and down-to-earth good neighbors who care just as much about our state and communities as you do.”

The website also features six streamlined legal blogs that contain information specifically tailored for client needs. Along with educating on noteworthy judicial decisions, the blogs share useful information on the nuances of federal and state laws, best risk management practices, and the proper handling of a claim from start to finish.

“The cornerstone of our business is responsive, creative, and proactive defense. Whether your business is taking preventative legal steps or protecting its reputation and assets during litigation, we know the work starts with open and personal client relationships based on mutual trust. That is the valued-message we want you to take away from our new website,” said Pitts.

About Collins & Lacy, P.C.

Collins & Lacy is a statewide business defense firm in South Carolina that delivers legal representation for our clients through solid preparation, execution, and client-oriented service aimed at success. Located in the State’s capital city of Columbia, the firm represents local, regional and national clients in the areas of construction; hospitality/retail and entertainment law; insurance/bad faith; products liability; professional liability; commercial transportation; privacy, data management, and cybersecurity; mediation; criminal defense; and governmental affairs/issue advocacy.