Reminders for Retailers and Hosts this Sunday

Just in time for the big game, attorney Christian Stegmaier shares some important tips and guidelines for commercial establishments like restaurants and bars, as well as for social hosts at homes or private venues.

Guidelines for Commercial Establishments

  • Prohibition against serving intoxicated patrons
    • If an employee or business knowingly serves an intoxicated patron, the permit holder could be open to liability. That can include liability to a third party who is injured as a result of that over service.
  • First party liability
    • In the state of South Carolina, there is no first-party liability for a patron over the age of 21.

Guidelines for Social Hosts

  • No drinking games
  • Don’t let alcohol be the main focus
  • Consider an alternative location, such as a neighborhood clubhouse
  • Hire a professional bartender
  • Cut off alcohol by the 4th quarter

Christian Stegmaier is a Shareholder at C&L and is the chair of the firm’s Retail & Hospitality Practice Group.

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