Joel W. Collins, Jr. Selected to Speak at ABOTA Conference in Lisbon, Portugal

[COLUMBIA, S.C.] Collins & Lacy, PC is pleased to announce that founding partner, Joel W. Collins, Jr., was a featured speaker at the recent American Board of Trial Lawyers conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

The ABOTA-sponsored conference, Judges and Attorneys in Interaction: The Commonalities and the Differences in Portuguese and American Legal Systems, was conducted on May 14th at the auditorium Cardenal Medeiros at the Catholic University Law School in Lisbon. The format of the conference was designed to present an in-depth study of the American legal system, and included an actual demonstration of a jury trial.

Mr. Collins, President of the ABOTA Foundation, spoke with a translator on the topic Benefits of a Jury System. He began his presentation by saying that “Jury trials in America are not merely a custom or tradition. Jury trials are a cherished and precious American right.” He continued by outlining the development of the jury trial system by our founding fathers, quoting Thomas Jefferson who once stated, “I consider trial by jury as the only anchor yet imagined by man by which a government can be held to the principles of its Constitution.” He went on to explain the jury selection process, including the compilation of the jury venire. He concluded his comments by sharing what American lawyers consider the eight principal advantages of the jury trial.

“Traveling to Portugal to present this program was a broadening and enlightening experience for our group of American lawyers, spouses, and guests,” commented Mr. Collins. “We are hopeful that the jury trial demonstration provided our Portuguese colleagues with a better understanding of the American legal system.”

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