Help for Defense Counsel at Deposition or Trial with Tricky Medical Terminology

by Christian Stegmaier

Defense counsel who deal with personal injury claims also deal with stacks of claimant medical records. These records often contain medical terms, which can be hard to pronounce. There are fewer worse feelings for a lawyer than going to a deposition or trial and mispronoucing medical terms. It can make you feel like a true amateur. While preparing for a deposition the other day, I encountered an unfamiliar medical term in some of the plaintiff’s records. I clicked over to to get a pronunciation. I was glad to see that in addition to reading the pronunciation, you can also hear the word. That must be a new feature to the site. It is a welcome addition. I can now go to the depo with full confidence that I can ask as question about the medical condition at issue and know I am pronouncing the word correctly.

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