Beware of Fake Doctor Excuses

Post by Stan Lacy
One of the advantages to having a former police officer and private investigator as a paralegal in your office is you learn tidbits of very useful information you would not look up yourself.  Example:  Larry Nelson in our office told us about a website that sells false doctors’ excuses.  What?!?  Fake doctors’ excuses?!?  This is information we need to share with our readers!  Especially employers, investigators and adjusters!
The website is and it is part of the Alibi Network.  For a mere $75 per year, a person can receive unlimited printable doctor’s excuses for being absent, such as a doctor’s note or out of work letter. For an additional charge, the person can get a virtual doctor’s office with phone number and fax. That means that if the employer calls to confirm the excuse, they get an extension to a doctor or nurse. Talk about sophisticated operations!  Does practicing medicine without a license sound familiar???
Most employees are honest and present legitimate excuses.  Only a few would go to the trouble of paying $75 to a website for a single excuse, so this website isn’t for the occasional offender.  However, if the employee is chronically out, needs multiple excuses, or is providing excuses to others, this is a useful site.  Every employer and carrier needs to be aware of it.
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