Attorneys Christian Boesl & Mike Pitts School SC PRIMA on Employment Law for Public Entities

Attorney Christian Boesl

Employment Practice Group Chair Christian Boesl and employment attorney Michael Pitts spoke at a conference for SC PRIMA (South Carolina Public Risk Management Association) this past Monday. In keeping with the conference’s March Madness theme, Christian and Mike’s presentation, entitled “Flagrant Fouls in Hiring, Discipline and Firing” advised about the legal ins and outs of employment in public entities. Some key takeaways:

  • Watch your job descriptions. They should be detailed, realistic to what the employee will actually be doing and above all up to date.


  • Don’t stifle your employees on social media. They cannot share private information, but they have a legal right to air employment-related grievances with coworkers online.


  • Document, document, document. The best defense for employers is ample documentation, especially in regard to the Whistleblower Statute and incidences of alleged wrongdoing.
You can pick up some other tidbits from the presentation through live tweets on our Collins & Lacy Twitter page. To learn more about the latest employment law trends, especially within the public sector, contact our Employment Practice Group Chair Christian Boesl.


Attorney Michael Pitts

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